We bring you affordable and functional tools to enhance your fiber arts enjoyment
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Scotts Mountain Warren County NJ / Chris Gerstner

The Joy of Fiber Arts

Knitting, spinning, weaving and crochet
Chris Gerstner / Flickr

Weaving : Weaving is the art of taking spun fiber and interweaving it using a loom. There are various types of looms from table top to foot treadle to tapestry looms. Intricate patterns can be created by using different vertical and horizontal patterns as the shuttles are "thrown" through the weave. We sell bobbins in our shop to hold yarn for tapestry looms.

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Spinning: There are various means to spin fiber. These include both mechanical and electric spinning wheels and the more traditional whorls/spindles. Spindles have been around for centuries and were the first method of spinning. We sell both round whorls as well as turkish whorls in our shop.

Chris Gerstner / Flickr

Knitting and Crochet: These are the art of taking fiber and intertwining the yarn in consecutive interlocking patterns to create everything from blankets, shawls, sweaters, scarves and many other wonderful artwork. We sell various tools such as yarn swifts, ball winders and crochet hooks in our shop.

Fiber Festivals

September 2017
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Having a wonderful time at the Garden State Sheep Breaders Association show in Ringoes NJ. Its great to meet so many wonderful people and get such great feedback from our past and new customers. This past year had exceptional weather. At this time this is the only show we do, however we hope to expand to exhibiting at more shows in the future.

We had a great show at the GSSB Festival Sep. 8-9, 2018. Looking forward to being back next year!